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All the birds. All the bucks. But now it's close to home.

Our goal is to provide you with the very best hunting Colorado has to offer

With a lodge and thousands of acres (Over 20,000 acres for the 2019 season- nearly 50,000 including all big game properties!) centering near Stratton Colorado, Eastern Outdoorsmen Hunt Club is only a couple hours drive from the Denver area. Finally, there is a club that has great land access, freedom to hunt when you want (without reservations!), and WILD birds! The Club House property, higher pressure fields, and youth fields, are supplement with stocked pheasants/ quail to ensure the success you expect year after year. However you never have to rely, and over pay, to shoot pen bird to have success. That is what makes us so unique. We have un-pressured land, limited members, and wild birds. On top of it all, most membership options include nights in our lodge (on lodge stay days, population supplemented land is open to hunt!) so you can easily take multi-day trips. But, with being only a short drive from the front range, day trips are actually possible. No longer will you need to drive to Kansas or the Dakotas to shoot wild birds.... or even worse; be the 20th person in a day to walk a field that is enrolled in the walk in access program. Speaking of walk-in properties, we sport roughly 1/6 as much pheasant land as the whole of Colorado’s Walk-in program- but have less than a couple dozen members.

Pheasants aren't all! We also have extensive land owner vouchers for deer and antelope. As many people know, Eastern Colorado is know for trophy big game. Now you too can have the access to land that only large outfitters had access to previously. Members who hunted the 2017 antelope season have had a 100% success rate... and that was all on opening morning. Last year deer hunters on guided hunts had 100% success rates and DIY deer hunters sported an 85% success rate.

We have added more land for big game in 2018! We now have vouchers available on a new 30,000 acre ranch. Reserve your tag now, these are very limited. NOT included in bird memberships


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Eastern Outdoorsmen LLC operates exclusively in Colorado. All members and guests are required to abide by all Colorado game laws set fourth by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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