Eastern Outdoorsmen


Big Success. Short Drive.

Our Mission 

Being in the state of Colorado, we are blessed with a lot of quality hunting. Unfortunately, those opportunities rapidly diminish as you head East. Our mission is to provide a walk-in style hunting club but with bird number of Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakota’s. LOTS of land and fewer members is the key to wild bird success. Our hunting doesn't end with pheasants though. Many quail call our properties home as well as a variety of small and big game. Eastern Colorado is famous for monster deer but only the lucky few with private land have the ability to hunt them. With limited land holder vouchers available, we provide membership options to allow the hunting of big game to give our members the chance at that buck of a life time. We even have antelope and turkey... Eastern Outdoorsmen truly is an outdoorman's  paradise.  


Get in touch

Our club has lots to offer but we realize there is no one hunt or membership option that is perfect for everyone. Reach out to us and we can help you apply for the best membership for your needs or even tailor a custom membership to your unique situation!




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Dr. Robert Schulte 

Dr. Schulte is the backbone of Eastern Outdoosrmen with deep ties to Eastern Colorado. Dr. Schulte was born and raised in Stratton Colorado where he has perfected the art of hunting and managing land in this outdoorsman's paradise. He has hunted this very club land for decades with years of success and still has family that are active farmers in the county. 



Colorado State University

Scholl College
Podiatric Medicine 

Loretto Hospital

Surgical residency

Outdoors Background

• Stratton local with family ties to farming and ranching
• Decades of pheasant hunting experience
• Harvested every big game species local to the area

Dr. Schulte loves most all outdoor activities and has shared this love with his boys and helped to bring another generation of ethical hunters and conservationists. 




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Sam Seeton

Sam is the co-owner of Eastern Outdoorsmen and also the owner of Infinite Outdoors, a conservation based fishing company. Sam grew up knowing nothing but the outdoor way of life. From fly fishing to hunting, Sam has turned a hobby into a passion.



Colorado School of Mines
Major: Petroleum Engineering

Minor: Economics 


Activities & Affiliations

  • Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

  • Worked as a waterfowl, elk, and fishing guide

  • Helped over a dozen kids harvest their first animal and activily volunteers for Colorado Youth Outdoors

  • Personally harvested dozens of big game animals from elk to mountain lion and has taken part in over 40 successful big game harvests.

  • Proudly hunts all upland with two flushing labs, Bow and Arrow.

Youth and the Outdoors

• Sam believes that the key to a healthy upbringing is a strong tie to the natural word, especially through hunting and fishing. Because of this, Eastern Outdoorsmen highly encourages members with kids or other young people they are mentors for, to join our club. This is why we have a youth only field that we supplement the pheasant population with raised birds.